Maquillage Professionnel: Steps 1- 4

18 Sep

Day 1 of my personal makeup course focused on creating the perfect canvass for your makeup a.k.a. your face. There are eight steps in creating the base for your makeup. That’s right ladies and gents, you haven’t even gotten the chance to put color on your face yet and you’ve already gone through eight steps in makeup application. No fret however, as these steps are already pretty basic. The reason they break it down step-by-step is to make sure that we don’t forget one!

So I will break it down- steps 1-4, steps 4-8, eye techniques (step 9), and then steps 10-12.

Without further ado! 

1. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, sunscreen, etc.

Okay, this might already count as 3-4 steps, but basically, go through your normal skincare routine.

2. Prime

Applying primer is the first step in creating a smooth canvass for your face. Primer smoothes out your skin’s texture thus making corrector, concealer, foundation application easier.

MUFE has several primers available, to address an assortment of skin types.


The MUFE HD Primers also come in several colors to answer different skin problems:

primer colors


You can either use your hands or foundation brush for application, but they suggest using your foundation brush to spread it out more evenly. IMG_6049

USE SPARINGLY. You know that saying, “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”? Well that totally applies to primer application. Applying to much primer would cause the product to build up on your skin which can end up looking like dead skin cells! Eeeewwww! Not a good way to start off in applying makeup, right?

Apply primer onto one area with your brush, followed by dabbing a clean sponge onto the same area to remove excess primer. To the same thing to other areas until entire face is complete.

Upper Right  (L-R): Ecotools Foundation Brush, MUFE HD Primer in 0, Sponge

3. Corrector (Optional)

Applying corrector is not necessary but recommended for those who suffer from major skin discolorizations that primer, foundation, or concealer won’t hide or even out. There are several color correctors:

color corrector



Application: Use a concealer brush and spot correct your most problematic areas. Blend well.

Left (clockwise): ELF Corrective Concealer, Essence of Beauty Concealer Brush, Laura Mercier Secret Concealer 



4. Foundation

We spent a lot of time tackling foundation! Foundation evens out the skin tone so this is an important step! There are so many kinds, types, and coverage to choose from, and that was for MUFE foundations alone!

A quick run-through:

Foundation types- liquid, cream, powder

Foundation coverage- sheer, medium, heavy

We focused on using liquid foundation, the most popular kind.


L-R: Adorned with Grace Stippling Brush, Sephora Platinum 55 Brush, EcoTools Foundation Brush, MUFE HD Foundation in 180, Sponge

Application: Applying foundation is very similar to applying primer. Using a foundation brush (or stippling, or air brush), tap the foundation of your choice onto your face.

Remove excess foundation by dabbing the area with a sponge. To prevent cakiness, it is better to apply foundation area by area so foundation would not settle onto your skin before you’re able to remove the excess.


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