Maquillage Professionnel: Maquillage du Jour (Day Makeup)

8 Oct

Day makeup can be described using two words- simple and natural. So please forgive me for my abundant use of those adjectives for this post!

After you have done Steps 18 of makeup application, you can easily skip to steps 10-12 and you would be good to go!

While there really are no rules for makeup, some guidelines in day makeup especially if you will be heading to school or to the office.

  • Foundation is optional! Conceal what needs to be concealed, and if you feel like that is enough, then it probably is! If needed, choose light, sheer foundation or tinted moisturizers to keep the look au naturale.
  • Stick to neutral colors. While there is nothing wrong with wearing colors during daytime (if you have what it takes, go for it, right?!), neutral colors are best for keeping things looking natural.  Go for light pinks, corals, peaches for your blush and lips. Nothing too dark, bright, or dramatic.

But of course, what fun would it be if there was no eye makeup involved, right?

Before any eye makeup application, prime those eyelids! Eye shadow primers make eye makeup last longer, and it also works in making your eye shadows look more vibrant. Oily lid girls, try Urban Decay Primer Potion. If you have dry eye lids like me, try Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Budget conscious? Check out Etude House’s Proof 10 primer.


The eye makeup technique that we learned for Maquillage du Jour is called the “open banana” technique. Eye shadow placement is very similar to the Maquillage du Soir “closed banana” technique with a minor difference.

open banana (2)

So it is still the generic light- medium- dark eye shadow placement with a minor tweak to make the eyes look more open. Specifically, medium and dark eye shadow do not go all over the eye lid. Instead, a small space from both the inner and outer corners are left eye shadow free.

Carrying over a rule from Maquillage du Soir, do not extend the eye shadow above your crease as well. Remember to blend the dark shade with the medium shade well.

Line those pretty eyes (bottom liner optional), put on some mascara, and your eye makeup is complete!



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