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Maquillage Professionnel: Smoky Eyes

30 Nov

Alas! The ever elusive smoky eye!

Do you know when the term “smoky eye” was coined?


*Jeopardy theme song*

*Jeopardy theme song*

Ding, ding, ding! Time’s up!


The 1920s! This was the flapper era when women were gaining more independence, and began experimenting with their clothes and makeup.


Photo credit here

Clara Bow, one of the pioneers of the smoky eyes

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Maquillage Professionnel: Class & Studio Intro

8 Sep

My Maquillage Professionnel Personal Makeup Course took place in the Modern Academy of Image, Culture and Arts (MAICA). It’s located in Burgos Circle, Taguig City.

I had a hard time finding the studio at first, so for those looking for it aimlessly (like I was!) look for Serenitea (popular tea chain in the Philippines). Go in. There is an elevator and a set of stairs that leads to MAICA. You’ll be greeted with this:



There are two studios in MAICA for classes, each studio is surrounded with mirrors along the wall with ideal makeup lighting to boot



and equipped with countless MUFE products.

mufe products


I’ve attended four classes so far, tomorrow being our last one (boo!) Here’s our class outline:

Day 1: The Basics (Base, Foundation, Concealer, Contour, Eyebrows, Tools)

Day 2: Maquillage du Jour (Day Makeup and the “open banana” eye technique)

Day 3: Maquillage du Soir (Night Makeup and the “closed banana” eye technique)

Day 4: Smoky Eye

Day 5: Makeup for Photography

I’ve been having so much fun learning from the pros and I want to share and write so many ideas! Where should I start first? What would be interested in reading about first?

I will probably get to writing in-depth about each day but I need a starting point. Requests?

Maquillage Professionnel Personal Makeup Class

4 Sep

Late post! This was supposed to be posted last night but my Live Writer is acting up on me.

I am so so so excited! My Maquillage Professionnel Personal Makeup Class will start tomorrow!

It is a fifteen hour makeup class spread over 5 days (Monday to Friday, 6pm – 9pm) that covers everything a girl or guy needs to know about personal makeup application. Here’s what they have to say about it:

This course is designed for those who would like to create personal looks ranging from the most natural, no-make up look to high-glamour visage, looks with a fun, night-on-the-town appeal to a fresh girl-next-door look. Corporate executives and women in business and politics can benefit from an enhancement of their personal style through make up. Participants will benefit from advice on how to enhance their individual features. Consultations will be given on how to create a proper make up kit that suits each one’s individual style and lifestyle. Participants will delight in exploring different facets of their persona using professional make up artistry and skills with themselves as the subject. This is also an excellent venue for those considering an alternative career in professional make up artistry and would like to explore possibilities.


I am so happy that Deal Grocer had this deal again because the first time they offered this, I would be out of the country for all the class schedules available! Upon seeing this offer, I checked my scheduled ASAP and decreed that I will not be available for meetings/ travel for the entire week. The class has been written on my planner since July!

The class costs PhP 5700 (approx. $130), 40% off from the regular PhP 9500 (approx. $216). It sounds a bit pricey but to be honest, I was ready to pay the full price for the class after glowing recommendations from friends who attended this class (through the first Deal Grocer deal).

The class is fully supported by Makeup Forever which means… FREE USE OF MUFE PRODUCTS FOR THE ENTIRE CLASS!!! Well worth the price, right?!

I plan to blog extensively about this (mostly so I can keep track of what I learned as well). It’s a good thing we can bring our cameras to class!

So I am off to bed early since I have to get to work early so I can leave work early to get to class on time! 

  Night loves!